Beboerdemokrati på engelsk


All non-profit housing have a Department Board. It is the residents that elect their Department Board among the residents. Every year is it hold residents’ meeting, where 2-3 members of the Department Board are up for election. It is their job to represent the department in relation to questions about the operation, and it is their job to defend the department’s best interest.

When you live in Trigeparken, you are part of tenants’ democracy. Read who’s in your department board where you live: Department 19 or Department 20.

Watch for notices on residents’ meeting. It is precisely at the residents’ meeting:

You can use your vote
You are part of the debate
You can make suggestions for new initiatives
You can vote for or against others’ proposals
You can choose department directors and chairman
You can stand and be elected to the Chamber board, if you get enough votes
You can approve or dismiss department’s budget and next year’s rent proposal

It is therefore important to be a part in residents’ meetings, if you want to have an impact on daily life in Trigeparken.

One of the Department Board foremost tasks is to be a catalyst for the ideas and desires that arise among people living in this neighbourhood. In practice, this means that the Department Board, in cooperation with the administration, examines the framework for the residents willings before proposals are presented in a department where they must be approved before they may be implemented. The better prepared the proposals are, the easier it is for the residents to decide on the proposals be approved. The Department Board may thus contribute to tenants’ democracy becomes effective and dynamic.